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Women and Technology

Half of the U.S workforce comprises of women but only 20% of tech jobs are done by women. Information technology is amidst the fastest growing industries but it does not rank when gender equality is paid attention to. The United States and the developed worlds industries are doing away with the glass ceiling. Now, read more here to know the shape of women in technology.

The glass ceiling is known as the invisible impediment women in esteemed careers meet. Although many say that the glass ceiling does not exist for women, it is untrue. Out of 500 companies, only 24 have female CEOs. Women encounter gender discrimination in nearly all industries but it is even worse in tech.

Although the other industries still have the glass ceiling, there have been many advances seen since a few decades ago. However, these advances have failed to move to the tech industry and the glass ceiling stands in the way of women promotion. For instance, 57% bachelor degrees go to females but 18 percent computer science graduates are females. Additionally, there was a reduction in the percentage of women working in tech jobs went down from 35% to 26 %.

Women who have secured tech jobs have sad stories to tell. While 84% of the females are named as too aggressive, 88% state that fellow workers often ask questions to male coworkers though they are in the best position to respond to the questions. 60 percent and above have faced unwelcomed sexual moves at workplaces.

On this note, we should show concern since tech industry is one of the most enormous and imperative industries in the U.S. In addition, it is one of the vital drivers of the economy. Top tech companies continue to invent and design technologies that influence the lives of everyone. Despite this fact, a financial argument as to why there should be a concern about women lacking in tech jobs has been in existence. Lots of research have proven that there is a monetary and business value of having a bigger percentage of females being added in the industry as the page suggests.

The question people should answer is why there are few women in tech. Forbes Magazine states that young women are not interested in tech career because they do not believe they would be good at technology jobs. Also, they do not think they can have any joy working with the type of people working in technology. To increase their number, young girls should be inspired and provided an opportunity. In addition, the culture of the industry can be changed and funding be provided to enable female tech entrepreneurs to start.