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Factors to Consider When Hiring a Budtender

A Budtender is one of the most cherished positions for marijuana industry newbies. Budtenders make up the most crucial staff in the marijuana dispensary. For cannabis to thrive a budtender is needed. At this stage the marijuana needs a lot of attention from the budtender. Being a successful budtender doesn’t come easy. Yes, there are some bad or mediocre budtenders working at cannabis dispensaries and adult-use stores, but there are also many budtenders who are helpful, compassionate and make the process of legally procuring cannabis products a comfortable and positive experience. The level of customer experience you will receive from the budtender will either convince to buy the marijuana or seek elsewhere. Discussed in this article, therefore, are the factors to consider when hiring a budtender.

Diverse personal skills and great customer service is crucial for hiring a responsible budtender. Communication skills are essential when handling clients at a dispensary. Handling of difficult customers is one of the factors critical to finding a good budtender. Fright might be a turnoff when handling clients at the dispensary. He should also possess the right interpersonal skills at the store. They are willing and ready to make recommendations based on the patient’s preferences.

Every budtender should be able to identify every product and its specifications in the dispensary. This is important so that the budtender gets to answer all the questions pertaining the products available in the dispensary. Excellent product knowledge would help to sell a specific product of marijuana that many are not aware of. He will be able to provide the best matching specifications to every product also. More knowledge about marijuana can quickly help you identify the best product to use.

Another factor to consider is the ability of the budtender to multitask while at the shop. Multitasking also requires a high balance of tasks and responsibilities when undertaking it. Good budtenders treat all their customers with respect. Treat them differently because they all require various services and products while some don’t know exactly what they want.

In conclusion, take time to identify whether the budtender is passionate about marijuana. A budtender who is passionate about marijuana can quickly identify new from regular customers. An enthusiastic budtender is concerned by the latest technologies and new products that hit the market. Also make sure that you go for the budtender that has done research enough to know how the competitors are operating. A good bartender also ensures that you don’t leave the dispensary without a product. A good budtender stays on top of his product knowledge game to meet more clients. The factors above, therefore, are necessary when looking for an experienced budtender.